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The goal of this presentation would be to provide a practical sense of how attorneys and experts decide on the investigation strategy and the decisions along the way. To illustrate the points, we will discuss past litigations case studies that can be discussed, and how various considerations that include legal and technical considerations as well as considerations of cost, schedule, the required level of certainty, the availability and access to information, etc. shape the path of a forensic investigation.
Leveraging off the success of the inaugural conference held in Broomfield, Colorado and Boston MA in 2023, the SCL NA will be hosting the 2024 conference in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

This year's theme is:
Vive Les Projets!: Impact Des Projets De Construction Sur Nos Vies
Long Live Projects: The Impact Of Construction Projects On Our Lives

Latest papers

Presentation slides from the Panel.

The fact that informed parties and their counsel, in spite of its contradictions and instability, still choose same neutral med-arb is an interesting fact. The choice of same neutral med-arb seems…

This paper aims at analyzing the new developments in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in Argentina. In particular, this paper focuses on the new laws issued by the Congress regulating…