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Certificates of Merit: What is THAT all about?

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The presentation will include a distinguished panel of industry professionals including external counsel, in-house counsel, and architect expert witness perspectives, providing insight applicable to all construction industry attendees. Panelists will discuss practical and legal issues pertaining to certificates of merit. The focus of the panel is to educate attendees on the applicability, timing, content, and the 2019 modifications to the rules for certificates of merit in Texas.

The following topics regarding certificates of merit will be discussed by the panel: 1. What is a Certificate of Merit and when is it required? (10 minutes) – the panel will define the term and discuss when one is needed. 2. Who can write a Certificate of Merit and what should be included in it? (10 minutes) – the panel will discuss the design professional’s qualifications and opinions from the perspective of the attorney and the design professional. The panel will also cover the statutory requirements. 3. How do the new rules compare to the old rules? (10 minutes) – the panel will discuss the 2019 modifications to the requirements with a brief history of the previous versions. project. 4. Can a Certificate of Merit be waived? (10 minutes) – panelists will discuss the pros and cons to waivers. 5. If you forgot to include a Certificate of Merit, what are your options? (10 minutes) – panelists will discuss the remedies available when this detail has been overlooked. Q&A (5 minutes) Panel will take questions from attendees.

September 20th, 2023 from 11:30 AM to  1:30 PM
Main Conference Center at 811 Main
Floor 21
Houston, TX 77002
United States
Event Fee(s)
Non member event fee $55.00
Event data
Event timezone central
Speaker information (for public page) Mike Beckelman, Chief Legal Officer, BGE, Inc.
John Cahill, Partner, Lanza Law Firm
Linda Porras-Pirtle, AIA, Senior Project Manager, Walter P. Moore
Regional director and event organizer name and contact Tiffany Raush
Regional Director, Gulf Coast Region
Presenters' name, company and email addresses
Region US: Gulf Coast Region (TX (from Waco south), LA)
CLE Credits Offered? Yes
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Interactive Session?
Handout (PDF)
Flyer (PDF)
Venue name Main Conference Center at 811 Main
Cost to rent the venue $110 (venue and parking for presenters)
Cost related to drinks/food (if any) $40 per head
Are you charging the participants? If yes, how much for SCL-NA members and non-members? Yes, $40 for Members, $50 for non members
Do you have sponsors for this event? If yes, please provide the details of the source and amounts of sponsorship. No